How do I … cite sources correctly?

With students using information and images from the web in their assignments, what do you, the teacher, expect in the way of sources?  With many students now putting their work on the internet so other people can read it, they need to know how to cite their sources correctly.  They also need to know about Creative Commons and what that involves.

Many thanks to my PLN for links to use in this post.

Check out these links:

All about Creative Commons Australia

Some videos from Creative Commons Australia

Check out how this blog cite sources of images

Smartcopying has an information pack about creative commons including how to cite sources

Students taking part in the National History Challenge are given ideas on how to cite sources

Here is a list of sites with cc images.

Some PDF modules from University of  Sydney relating to information skills.

Create a bibliography online by using the ISBN number of the book

This site also uses URL to create a bibliography online

University of Tasmania has guides for referencing.  Check out the tabs on this page.

Larry Ferlazzo has many links on learning research and citation skills

Attribution:  Original image: ‘Tome Reader‘  by: QQ Li

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